So a couple of years ago I had a true "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" moment. My friends wanted to go to a designer pop up, while we we're in NYC for work so I went with them strictly to "eye shop" for vintage, designer jeans. As soon as I walked in, I saw this studded, retro pair and just had to try them on, and of course, they magically fit. 

The owner at the time told us a couple of people came in and tried them on, but it didn't fit them and that they we're featured in Vogue, so naturally my eyes sparkled and a little voice in my head was saying, "THEY FIT YOU THOUGH!" Whether she was just a good salesperson or honest about everything she was saying- I'll never know, but I can say, these will forever be my most expensive pair of vintage jeans I'll ever own in my life. And they'll only make a appearance on special occasions. Or when I can finally figure out how to properly cuff them HA.

Margaret Nam-Vintage-Retro-Life With Marg
Margaret Nam-Vintage-Retro-Life With Marg-2
Margaret Nam-Vintage-Retro-Life With Marg-4
Margaret Nam-Vintage-Retro-Life With Marg-3

Photos by: Jan Galvan.

On me: Sweater from Asos, jeans from Rialto Jean Project, shoes from Urban Outfitters, clutch from Studio DIY, sunnies from Spitfire.