Seven foot knoll lighthouse.

You guys, I’ve been living in the Baltimore area (city and burbs) for quite some time now, and I’ve passed by the Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse multiple times, but never actually stopped to take it all in. I’ve been a bit M.I.A. as of late, and I will explain why later on this week, but for now I am trying to take in all that Baltimore offers. And yes, that includes embracing the city’s history. Did you know this red lighthouse is the oldest screw-pile lighthouse in Maryland?! If you didn’t know like me, now you know. You’re welcome for the history lesson of the day! Make sure to check this landmark out next time you are in this area.

margaret nam-lifewithmarg-lighthouse
margaret nam-lifewithmarg-lighthouse-2
margaret nam-lifewithmarg-lighthouse-3
margaret nam-lifewithmarg-lighthouse-4

Photos by: Lindsay Solomon
On me: Romper: Abercrombie, suede platforms: Steve Madden, earrings: Stylenanda.