Embracing my rbf.

I have to come clean all, I know I have RBF (please Google this right now if you do not know what this acronym stands for lol). I know some people don't know they have one and/or don't want to admit it, I am telling you now, I know I have one. Sometimes when I'm lost in deep thought or just staring off into space, I look like the meanest person in the world. It's not that I'm not a person who smiles or laughs, you can ask anyone I know- I literally laugh at anything and everything. At times, I even think about something funny from a couple of days ago and just sit there laughing. I guess the times I'm not laughing, I just fall victim to RBF. There's no neutral, in between phase. So you know what?! I'm going to embrace it. I may look like I'm mean mugging in these pictures, but I promise you I am laughing on the inside. Anyone else face RBF problems?!


Photos by: Jan Galvan.

On me: Top: Asos, shorts: American Eagle, platform heels: Nine West.