Historic Ellicott City.

I recently went back home to Maryland for the holidays, and of course, had to visit my old stomping grounds: Old/Historic Ellicott City. This quaint area is nostalgic to me. It’s the first place my family and I went to after we moved to Ellicott City when I was in elementary school. It’s the area I went to buy clothes for my American Girl doll- who else had one growing up?! It’s the place I used to go to for drinks, food, coffee. It’s the place I used to come to take pictures for my blog. And it’s the place I would just go to walk around.

This area has been through a lot with recent floods damaging a lot of the stores, restaurants and buildings, so it was sad in a way for me to visit and see that some of the stores I used to go to are no longer there and that parts of the area are still under construction. Hoping and praying for better days as it’s a place filled with history and memories, and new memories for people to come.

lifewithmarg-old ellicott city-antique
lifewithmarg-old ellicott city-antique-2
lifewithmarg-old ellicott city-antique-3
lifewithmarg-old ellicott city-antique-5
lifewithmarg-old ellicott city-antique-6

Photos by: Jan Galvan
Outfit: Jacket and jeans from TopShop, white sports bra from Forever 21 and sneakers from Adidas