National Donut Day.

It's my favorite holiday of the year. Drum roll please... It's NATIONAL DONUT DAY!!!! WOOT WOOT! Any excuse to grab a perfectly fried piece of dough, smothered with icing or filled with jelly is fine by me. My personal faves are any type of cake donut, the classic glazed from Krispy Kreme, a good jelly filled gourmet donut, or a french cruller from Dunkin' Donuts.  Mmmm... I'm getting hungry as I type this. I hope everyone gets to enjoy one today. Happy National Donut Day to all!

Also, if you live in Baltimore, there's a special pop-up happening today at Harbor Market- the food-truck marketplace at McKeldin Square. Diablo Doughnuts will be hosting a pop-up from 11 A.M. to sell out. Make sure to stop by if you're around!

Margaret Nam-KrispyKreme

Photos by: Jan Galvan.

On me: T-shirt: Zara, shorts: vintage, shoes: Vans.