the last year of my twenties.

Wow. I can't believe this year has finally come. My FINAL year in my 20's. If you asked my younger self where I would imagine myself being at 29, I would've automatically told you that I'd be happily married with two kids, working as a news anchor. I have to say, I'm actually GLAD I'm not at where I planned on being. Don't get me wrong, being married with kids and having a thriving career is definitely a place I want to be one day, but I definitely would not have had the same experiences in life.

Today, I want to reminisce on my younger years and tell you what I'm thankful for at the moment.

  • I'm thankful to have my parents and brother who support me no matter what. My family is the traditional, strict Asian type. The fact that they stood by my choices when I experimented with hair colors, piercings, tattoos and moving out, which is outside of the Asian American cultural norm is a shocking to me till this day.
  • I wouldn't be here if it weren't for my supportive friends- you know who you are. Thank you for letting me call you in the middle of the night when I felt like I was at my lowest. Thank you for giving me advice and taking me back as a friend, even though I went against your advice ha. Thank you for understanding and accommodating my hectic, always over booked schedule. Thank you for pigging out with me because you know your girl likes to eat. And thank you for being friends with this GIRL.
  • I'm TRULY thankful for being able to work in the fashion field at one point in my life. Through this experience, I was able to experiment new trends and play around with my style. I knew NOTHING about fashion back then. I literally shopped at Limited Too, Aeropostale, Abercrombie, Hollister, and whatever store was acceptable at the time.  And when I mean shopped, I would wear a one size bigger branded T-shirt and jeans because my mom was all about saving money, and she wanted to make sure I could fit in that T-shirt the following year. Let's be real, A&F and Hollister we're not cheap/affordable back then- I get it. I most definitely didn't know how to match anything, and to this day, I am scarred from the time someone called me out for wearing "bowling shoes" from Payless.
  • I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to travel for work and fun. My first plane ride ever was for a business trip to Omaha and never did I ever think I would have had the opportunity to travel as often as I have after that. Growing up, we didn't take many vacations with my parents being busy with their  store and what not, it was hard to leave. So I'm thankful for the countless work trips and for the trips I got to take with my friends or visiting them.
  • I cannot thank all of you enough! Who knew I would have a lifestyle blog?! And especially thankful for the Baltimore blogging community <3.

Now... before I hit the big 3-0 I want to make sure I can travel as much as possible, try as many new cuisines and restaurants, be more open about my faith and try and discover what God's mission for me in life is and most importantly live a fulfilling year with no regret. After all YOLO!

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