Insta worthy spots in Seoul.

No trip is complete without a couple visits to Insta worthy spots. Am I right?! First up, we have Stylenanda (Korea's version of asos) Pink Hotel and Flagship Store in Myeongdong. Each floor has a different vibe, and you can find the cafe on the top floor. They have cool, but very sweet drinks in a swimming pool like setting. Apparently, they have a cool rooftop area too, sadly it was close when we we're there. There aren't many seats, so you will have to wait for an Insta worthy spot. 

Next up, we have the Black Pink 'Square Up' house in Hongdae. If you're like me and have watched the KPOP star's reality TV show on YouTube, you'll know why this spot is well-known. Full disclosure, I actually wasn't looking for this house, but randomly stumbled upon it, took a picture and then realized where I took a picture. I guess you can say, I was MEANT to find this house. 

You can't go to Seoul without visiting the most buzzworthy, speakeasy of coffee shops: Zapangi. People stand in lines just to take a shot in front of this vending machine, which actually isn't a vending machine, but a door to a cafe with yummy Instaworthy cupcakes and drinks in bottles. 

Last, but certainly not least, a trip to Urban Space is an absolute must. This place reminds me of Refinery 29's, 29 rooms in Brooklyn, where each room is a different concept for people to take pictures in. What makes this spot unique is that they sell instaworthy cocktails, so I guess in a way it's an adult playground. 

If you're visiting Seoul, hope you get to shoot at one of these spots. 

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blackpink house-hongdae-margaret nam
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urban space-gangnam-korea-margaret nam