East coast meets west coast.

My family and friends keep on telling me that it’s cold back in Baltimore, and being the nice daughter, sister and friend that I am, I keep sending them pictures of me in sandals/flip flops. It’s funny, it’s been in the 70-80 degree range throughout the day and in the 60’s at night. No matter the temperature, everyone n California seems to still channel the true fall attire of sweaters, jeans and boots/booties. And of course, I constantly get stares in the grocery stores and restaurants as I’m walking around dressed in spring attire, truly embracing the warm weather.

I will say, the one thing I love about California whether women are wearing sweaters or not is the effortless, chic LA style. It’s like they put no effort into picking out what to wear. They just put on shorts/jeans, grabbed a T-shirt and draped on a jean jacket, blazer or leather jacket- depending on the occasion.

Hoping to truly embrace the LA style look as I call California my home. Life update: I moved out of my airbnb and am in my new apartment. Waiting on furniture to arrive, and hoping my parents can ship all my clothes and shoes to me ASAP. I will try my best to proactively update my blog as I finish my move to this beautiful state. Make sure to follow my adventures as I periodically post via Instagram stories.


Photos by: Howard Min.

On me: Jean jacket: Nasty Gal, dress: Forever 21, bag: Madewell, shoes: Asos.