Baltimore blogger babes.

Had a fun night of Tans, Tacos & Tinis with my fellow Baltimore blogger babes, thanks to mega babe, Shoptini for organizing and hosting us. I have to say, when I first started blogging, I did it as a diary to document my constant work travels. Fast forward, I switched to a career that required little to no travel, so when I started focusing strictly in the D.M.V. area, I was nervous that I wouldn't be accepted in the competitive community- I had nothing to worry about. My fellow bloggers we're so welcoming and whenever I saw them at events or around town, it always felt like a mini reunion. Ultimately, we have similar interests of fashion, food, travels, etc., and we each openly document every part of our life, so it makes sense that we'd all instantly become friends. Can't wait to continue to share all of what the D.M.V. has to offer. 

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baltimore bloggers
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