Business chic(k).

My first job out of college, I had to dress up, dress up. Think dress shirts, pencil skirts and slacks. Thankfully, my last and current job, I had and have the freedom to dress a lot more casual. There are days when I do have to look a bit more together, so I've partnered with San Francisco based brand, Kim and Proper to show you ladies out there, how to look the part without losing your sense of style!

I hate when people have the misconception that you can't express your style in corporate clothes. There are definitely ways to look a bit more fashionable than sticking to the same old dress shirt and slacks everyday. One major tip I have is adding a pop of color! A bold color can go a long way. You don't have to stick to just the black, navy blue and white. I love this one from Kim & Proper because it has delicate details to it. I love the deep v neck, as it gives a little bit of an "office sexy" vibe without being over the top. And the knot detail in the middle makes me look less frumpy, and allows me to eat a bit more at lunch #NOFOODBABYSCARIES HERE! 


Margaret Nam_Kim and Proper
Margaret Nam-Kim and Proper-2
Margaret Nam-Kim and Proper-3

Photos by: Chaq Daniel

On me: Camille dress from Kim and Proper
Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Kim and Proper, but the opinions are my own.