What I'm doing in Los Angeles.

What I'm doing in Los Angeles.

A LOT of people have been asking what I am doing out here in Los Angeles, and it’s finally time for me to reveal. I apologize to those who have been texting me and/or reaching out via social media, I have been busy apartment hunting, and settling in to not only my Airbnb, but my new city- it has been an adjustment to say the least. I have no family out here and only a handful of friends, so it’s been difficult couple of days. Thank you to my friends who have reached out to check-in on me- you know who you are and you’ll never know how much it means to me.

So I am proud to announce my new role at TACORI! So some of you guys know this already, but I had the honor of working for PANDORA Jewelry corporate for a little over four years. One of the reasons why you can find me on zimbio or getty images- I am not a celebrity hahah. At PANDORA, I did everything from traditional PR (writing press releases, handling desk sides, executing SMT’s, leading media suites, managing media relations, etc. ), influencer marketing, social media, styling jewelry, event planning, and the list goes on. It was an amazing opportunity. I got to meet so many people from around the world, travel, develop new skill sets, build up my resume, conquer my fears of traveling/dining out alone, and make lifelong friends and mentors. I have to say, it was a great job for my younger days, and I learned SOOOO much. Truly was blessed with this opportunity. I mean not everyday, you get to sit front row at NYFW, go to Coachella for both weekends in a row, travel to the islands by yourself, attend parties where celebrities like Nick Jonas, Sofia Vegara, Lupita Nyong’O and Leonardo DiCaprio we’re at, and many more. At this point in my life though, I was married to my job. Think long hours, and weekend travels. I was constantly checking my work emails and company social feeds, and worrying about what to wear to go to a desk side at Vogue, where I often ran into Anna Wintour. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVEDDDDD what I was doing, and I enjoyed the hustle and grind, but for some reason, I felt like I wasn’t challenged in my role anymore. I was there for a little over four years and the company grew from 50+ employees to 250+ when I left. I felt like my responsibilities were dwindling and I stopped learning- everything became a routine. I could answer press interviews, tweet something clever, and tell you if a PANDORA charm was fake or not in my SLEEP.

Long story short, I went on to challenge myself in a world that was unfamiliar to me- advertising. I was at this agency in Baltimore for about a year and it clearly wasn’t for me. I was eager to get back into the jewelry/fashion space, but opportunities in Baltimore are slim to none. I looked in the NYC and LA space, and of course, my parents wanted me in NYC in terms of proximity, but it just didn’t happen. It’s funny, I’m a huge extrovert and love to chat it up, but NYC was a bit overwhelming for me. And I’ve always dreamed of living in LA- palm trees, sun and beaches make me happy. Not to mention the limitless health and fitness opportunities and the foodie scene. So here I am. Thankful to God for giving me the power to “be still” and opening up this opportunity for me.

Life lessons:


  • Everything happens for a reason

  • Follow your dreams/passion


Wish me luck as I start this new journey. I have to be honest, I won’t have much time to edit my blog till I move into a place and settle in, so please be patient with me. Thank you all for following me on this journey. <3

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