travel with me to Nashville.

Did you know that Nashville is one of the most popular cities for bachelorette parties? I didn't. Just got back from a less than 24 hour trip to the city for my sorority big sis's last hoorah as a single lady.

This marked my second visit to the city, and I have to say it was much different than the last time I went for work. A couple of years ago, I got to travel to Nashville for a business trip and got to visit Bluebird Café (yes, the intimate music club where singers like Taylor Swift and Faith Hill performed) and honkey tonked. 

This time around, it was surprisingly a bit more low key (which I preferred) as it was a reunion for most. Bridesmaids flew in from San Francisco, Chicago, Virginia and of course, Maryland. There was a lot of drinking, but mostly EATING-my fave! If you really want to embrace the city you're traveling to, you need to try the food the city offers. Check out my foodie venture below! Warning: you might get a bit hungry after reading this post :P.

Five Daughters

: You guys know I have a bit of a donut obsession, so donut be surprised that I stopped in this local joint to pick some up for the crew. This bakery is known for their 100-layer doughnuts- kind of reminded me of "cronuts." My favorite was the vanilla creme. Delicious!

Acme Feed and Seed

Didn't get a chance to eat here, but walked around a bit. The ambiance inside reminded me of Cracker Barrel, but with a stage for live performances. I think it was the general shop they had inside? It was pretty packed when I was there, so I hope to go back next time and actually the food.


- if you're a coffee person like me, you'll appreciate this local coffee spot. Not only can you view the city while you're sippin' on your coffee, but they have specialty lattes with local honey, pour over coffee and avocado toast. YAS!

The Pharmacy

- don't let the name fool you. It's actually a burger joint/beer garden (actual garden area outside). Make sure to make a reservation or else you'll have to wait awhile. Had the my go-to: black bean burger with sweet potato fries. Delicious delicious! They have really cool craft beer options and wine. The sparkly rosé was perfect for the hot, humid weather.

Hattie B's

- you cannot go to Nashville without visiting this popular hot, fried chicken joint that even celebrities stop to eat at. Full disclosure, you may have to wait in line for awhile to get some, so I recommend you order ahead online and pick it up. Definitely recommend the black eyed pea salad and baked beans for side options. The mac & cheese was surprisingly disappointing with the "watery cheese."  


-if you need a break from the heavy and greasy southern food, I definitely recommend you take one here. They have fresh salad and grain bowl options that you can customize with your choice of protein. The free samples of sort of vegan froyo is a plus too! 

XOXO <3