travel diary: colorado.

One of my good friends I kept up with following high school recently moved out to Denver, Colorado, and as we both had Labor Day off, I paid her a visit. As I'm typing this, we really had a jam-packed weekend and did everything touristy and local as possible.

I got into Denver pretty late on Saturday night, so we kept it super chill by grabbing dinner at this restaurant called, Linger. This restaurant is UBER cool with it's industrial decor and American food and drinks with an Asian twist. And yes, they have vegan options.The pictures do not justify the appearance and taste, but hopefully my

Yelp review


After dinner, we stayed in the LoHi area and went to a rooftop bar called,


that overlooks the city. Definitely recommend you stop by if you're in this area. 

The next morning, we got up fairly early, picked-up some sandwiches at Union Station and took the bus out to Boulder. Can I just say, this is the cleanest and cutest train/bus station I've been to! People are literally just chilling here, drinking coffee and working/people watching. And the coffee and food options are plenty! Love how health conscious everyone is. A lot of restaurants sell kombucha- YES, YES, YES!!!

Once we arrived in Boulder, we hiked the Flatiron. Let me just say, as a person who works out at least five-six times a week, I was shocked that I was out of breath after five minutes. This high-altitude everyone was warning me about is no joke!! I've been so dehydrated and woozy in my life. 

Full disclosure, I have a severe fear of heights and have had panic attacks before. Thankfully, my friends who we're with me, motivated me to finish and guided me along the way. Couldn't have done it with out them and the support I received from the other hikers. And let's just say, the view was definitely worth it and now I can proudly say that I hiked Boulder. 

After the hike, we we're famished so we ran straight to downtown Boulder to grab some


. I got my faves- shrimp shumai and salmon poke bowl. YUM! The town is super cute too, so we walked around after and got some

bubble tea

for the bus ride back to Denver. Hung out in Downtown Denver and did some bar hopping. Loved the music at


-a mix of 90's and today's hits. 

The next day, we drove to Rocky Mountain National Park to.. you guessed it, hike! I was so happy to see my first moose!!! 

We did the Bierstadt Lake trail and it's moderately easy and doable. The view of the lake at the top is definitely worth it! After our hike, we hung out at Estes Park- super cute town- definitely a ski resort vibe!

On the last day, I picked-up an acai bowl because if you check out my Instagram, I'm obsessed. And did some touristy things like touring the Capital and eating Illegal Pete's (homegrown Chipotle). 

Need to head back to go on the Coors Beer Tour. Sadly, it was closed the day after Labor Day. Until next time!

XOXO <3