SoHo eats.

Confession: I'm a HUGE foodie. I LOVE trying new restaurants and dishes, I am constantly hangry and I have a BIG sweet tooth. If you don't already follow me on Instagram: @itsMargaRRRRita, you know I travel lots, eat out lots and constantly take lots and lots of pictures of everything I eat. I want to take this time to share with you some of my favorite spots to eat at in SoHo, New York, NY.


[9 Crosby St, New York, NY 10013; Between Grand St & Howard St]

Located inside one of my favorite, chic hotels: Mondrian SoHo. If the entrance doesn't get you, wait till you see the inside. When you go for breakfast/lunch, the restaurant has a "I'm eating outside in a park" feel, and when you go for dinner/dessert, you really see the chandeliers for a romantic, elegant feel. I've been for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but the most memorable meal I had was their Insalata Isola salad with shrimp. Let's just say, you definitely get your money's worth! Their portions are HUGE! Definitely recommend this restaurant for cute brunches with friends/family or for a romantic date night with your boo. 

Jack's Wife Freda

[224 Lafayette St., New York, NY 10012; Between Kenmare St & Cleveland Place)

Not going to lie, I found out this place through Instagram. This restaurant is pretty small inside, they have two picnic style tables, and small tables/booths around the table. The staff and the atmosphere feels very modern chic- great place for yuppies! Not even going to lie, the food was so YUMMY, I went for breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner within two days. I definitely recommend their french fries and refreshing lemonade for a snack- fries are perfectly crispy! For lunch, I had the chicken with couscous- AMAZING!!!! Perfectly tender chicken and the couscous is nicely seasoned and cooked. DEFINITELY ask for their homemade hot sauce, if you like spicy. It definitely has a bit of a kick! And of course, their Peruvian chicken is a MUST for dinner. For breakfast, I decided to try the green shakshuka (basically two eggs baked in a delicious green sauce), and yes, I had to order a side of couscous. I had a Moroccan mint tea on the side and literally comes with stalk of mint leaves inside your cup. Definitely a must-try for whatever time of day.

Cafe Gitane

[242 Mott St, New York, NY 10012; Between Houston St & Prince St]

This restaurant is another Instagram find. Yes, I am aware it's not directly in SoHo, but it's only a couple blocks away in Nolita. This restaurant is small as well, so make sure you don't go at a busy time. They have a retro vibe with an old school cash register and I like how you can sit at the bar area and watch the staff cook the food. You'll have to start off with a mocha latte for your Instagram posts, but don't you worry, it's quite tasty and the paw print on the top is super cute! Their avocado toast is a MUST! I'm a huge fan of avocado toast and order it frequently at restaurants that carry this dish, but I must say, I've never had one like this before. The bread they put the avocado on is absolutely perfect! Tastes somewhat like a baguette, but healthier? As yelpers suggest, their Morrocon cous cous (got mine with chicken) and salmon pot pie is amazing!!! The cous cous dish is large so make sure you order this when you have an appetite. I especially liked the hummus they put on top... YUM!!!! Great restaurant to catch-up with old friends at.

Make sure you don't go in if you don't have cash on you- it's cash only, folks! The food is definitely worth it.


[80 Spring St., New York, NY 10012; Between Crosby St. & Broadway]

What a cute place for dinner!!!!! They have plenty of seating inside, even if you're sitting next to another party, you don't feel cramped. Their classic decor is perfect! They have dim, antique style lights with decor to match. Their roasted chicken breast and organic pan seared salmon was to die for- perfectly marinated and not dry. Make sure to save room for dessert because their profiteroles are amazing. Here's a tip, ask for banana ice cream instead of vanilla- you won't regret it. And apparently, they are known for their steak frites, sadly, I found this out after I left.

Great place for dinner with family and friends.

Two Hands

[164 Mott St., New York, NY 10013; Between Broom St. & Grand st.]

New hipster restaurant/cafe. Not many seats inside, so try and go at odd hours to secure a spot. They have a great barista, so you'll have your instagram #latteart post for sure. Love how they can juice pretty much any vegetable/fruit combination of your choosing. My go-to is avocado toast (although the bread is flavorless and too thick/crunchy to bite into) with egg and bacon on top, and their acai bowl (you can actually see the ingredients at the top). Great place to get a healthy start at, and read/work by yourself or with friends.

What's your favorite restaurant to grub at in SoHo?