Backstage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim with Suboo

Backstage with Australian Swimwear Brand: Suboo

Let's be real... the real action always happens behind the scene. It's always incredible to see the calm models who rush on in right after finishing one show, and the talented make-up artists, manicurists and hair stylists easily transform the models from beautiful to runway glamorous in less than five minutes. To this, I applaud! Mad kudos!!! *clap emoji insert here*

Photo: Taken by yours truly 


Photo: Taken by yours truly

Picture taken by: Getty; Yours truly, Creative Director and Designer: Sue Di Chio, Montreal fashion blogger: Chloe St. Felix

Can I just say how honored I was to meet the talented and stunning creative mind behind the collection of Suboo, Sue Di Chio?! Not only did she seem calm and reserved before the show, and if she was hiding it, she is an amazing actress, she is so sweet and down to earth. She genuinely took the time out of her busy schedule to not only pose for a picture, but to talk and answer questions. And of course, her and her husband showed numerous pictures of their adorable and sweet newborn, Awesome (best name ever)! Wish my parents named me that too!

Couldn't have been more excited to see the show after witnessing the backstage frenzy. The coolest part about the venue? You had to walk on sand to get to your seat. If that doesn't get you in the "beachy" mood, I don't know what else could! 

Below are some of my favorite pieces from the collection. There was a lot of bold prints and colors and shoulder and neck accents. Can I just say if you didn't think a one piece could ever be sexy, think again! (Btw, how chic are the PANDORA bangles?! Accessories simply complete any look!)

Photo: Getty

My absolute FAVORITE piece from the collection is below. Love the black accent on the bandeau top, the floral print and the black belt to accent the bottom. *insert heart eyes emoji here*

Photo: Yours Truly 

The high waisted bottoms and shoulder action going on is AMAZING! Who knew you could make swimwear so fashionable!?

Photo: Yours Truly

And what better way to end a show than with a FIERCE model entourage! 

Photo: Yours Truly

Amazing show, Suboo team! In love with the swim and resort collection. Best part about the brand? That's it's affordable luxury! You don't have to spend thousands on one top/bottom piece to look good on the beach/at the pool. Can't wait till the collection launches so I can splurge. This means I need a location for my next vacation! Any recommendations? Comment below. Please and thank you!