Toronto Fashion Week Recap

Toronto Fashion Week- Fall/Winter 2014 (THROWBACK THURSDAY)

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto, and it was AMAZING! It was my first fashion week experience and it was everything I expected and more! LOVED seeing Toronto's fashion elites all gathered in one place. Everyone had their own style and showcased their own trends rather than rocking the same old, same old. It was cool to finally see things behind-the-scenes too! Yes, I can confirm that there are stret style photographers EVERYWHERE and getting snapped while you're walking is both an honor and a tad bit awkward. Not going to lie, I'm never sure if I should smile or stop and pose. BUT I must say, getting snapped means your outfit is on point so I can not complain!

Although planning on outfits can be stressful, dressing-up is always fun. Clothes can really change the way a person acts and feels- and it definitely made me feel more confident! I love how you can instantly be a different person by rocking a different style/trend! So why not mix-up your clothes and accessories tomorrow and have a little fun?!